QDS Duckbill Ejector

Underground Pallet Handling

(Registered & Patented Design)

Custom Mining Product’s QDS Duckbill Ejector is designed as a safe and efficient means of carrying, ejecting and retrieving palletised products and bulky loads in an underground mine environment. It is designed to carry a load of 7000kg and uses hydraulically operated pusher plates to eject and retrieve a load in a controlled, efficient, and safe manner.

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Unique Features

  • Saves time and reduces manual handling and potential injury
  • Multipurpose equipment available in 4 pallet or narrow 2 pallet options
  • Operator friendly and easy to use
  • Minimises wastage
  • Unique eject and retract functions – pull and push capability for delivering or retrieve loads
  • Independent, variable function pusher plates allowing pallets to be ejected individually one at a time or together
  • Tapered leading edge to assist in retrieving loads
  • Fully enclosed hydraulic system – rated to carry 7000kg
  • QDS, but can be adapted to have RAZ system fitted