About Us

Designing and developing new and innovative safety solutions for the mining industry

Increasing efficiency, productivity, and safety in underground mining

Custom Mining Products Pty Ltd was formed in 2013 to design, research, and create efficient and productivity increasing safety solutions for use in underground mining. Based on founder Rob Goldspink’s personal experience and frustrations of the current limitations in underground mining processes and machinery, the company provides realistic, proven, and resourceful solutions that increase output and time saving, whilst decreasing injury and downtime.

With more than 39 years industry experience, Founder, Designer and Managing Director Rob Goldspink noticed that products and equipment currently being used in the mining industry were not always fit for purpose. Through extensive and ongoing research and development, based on experience and consultation with mine management and personnel, Rob developed his initial product, The QDS Duckbill Ejector underground pallet handling system. Previously, products and equipment were carried underground in a standard Duckbill holding 4 pallets, with no actual way of being unloaded other by hand or tipping the pallets out. There is nothing else on the market that offers the efficiency, safety, or convenience of the QDS Duckbill Ejector.

Since the inception of the QDS Duckbill Ejector, Rob has gone on to add to his list of groundbreaking products including: QDS and LHD attachments, unique drill water capture and tensioning systems and many other state of the art products that are in the process of being developed.

Rob’s experience and full understanding of the mining industry and its current limitations, combined with his innate ability to see a problem, and design, research and create a solution that bridges the gap between the user and manufacturer, guarantees that CMP and all its products are the leading practical, safe, and effective mining safety solution products in Australia, if not the world.

All of CMPs products are designed and manufactured in Australia and registered and patented with the view with the view of delivering our mining safety solutions to the world.

Awards, Clients & Distributors

In 2015, the QDS Duckbill Ejector won 2015 OHS product of the year at the Australian Mining and Prospecting award, and in the same year, the unique Drill Water Capture System, a ground-breaking, water capturing system that will increase a mines sustainability and productivity exponentially won 2015 innovation of the year at the Australian Mining and prospecting awards.

The CMP Intensifier Pump, greatly improves the speed and effective tensioning process of cable bolts used in mining roof support are currently either sold or hired to a number of large mining companies including Glencore, Peabody Energy, Centennial Coal, Yang Coal, Kestrel Coal, South 32 Rio Tinto and Anglo American.

Quarry Mining and Construction Pty Ltd are a distributor of some of the CMP product range throughout the NSW and QLD mining industry, however we are always looking for other suitable and reputable distributors in Australia and around the world, so please contact us directly if you are interested in finding out more.

Whilst most of CMP’s products are currently supplied to the mining industry, we are starting to diversify and apply our products and newly designed solutions to multiple industries and through.