Megabolt Component Installation Dolly

Protected by Australian Design Application Number: 201512818

Custom Mining Product’s new Megabolt Component Installation Dolly has been developed to simplify and facilitate installation of megabolts, eliminating the need for ladders during the process.

The Megabolt Dolly installs the megabolt, plate, barrel and wedge, all together in a single smooth operation.  Once the bolt has been installed and flushed, the dolly removes the plastic barrel and wedge cap, leaving the megabolt tail the correct length for tensioning.


  • Installs the megabolt, plate, barrel and wedge, all in a single smooth operation
  • Removes the plastic barrel and wedge cap once bolt has been installed
  • Eliminates the use of ladders during the installation process
  • Eliminates ‘short bolts’ with the tail of each bolt left at the correct length for tensioning
  • Uses the power of the machine to push the installed bolt and plate hard up to the roof
  • Installed bolt able to take some weight immediately – giving some protection in bad conditions
  • Dolly keeps all bolt tails to a minimum length, ideal for low roof conditions on roads and walkways
  • Reduces tensioning times, with most bolts requiring only one bite with the tensioner head
  • Speeds up production by eliminating the need to plate the bolts at a different time
  • Ideal for high roof areas where an LHD and manbasket cannot be used
  • For use on Miners, Drill Rigs and Hand Bolters
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Four pictures showcasing the installation of Megabolts with the assistance of a wrench.
An image of a water meter featuring a custom blue logo.