After working with Enerpac, we now  have a custom built Intensifier Pump to speed up the bolt tensioning process in underground mining and tunnelling.

Engineered for Potentially Explosive Atmospheres  —  No Exposed Aluminium Components  —  Safe for Underground Use

The CMP Point of Difference

All exposed aluminium components have been replaced with alternative materials. The traditional foot pedal operation has been replaced with a simple directional control lever on the manual pumps and a pendant control for the pendant pump. Operation is easily controlled from the palm of your hand.

Features & Benefits

  • All exposed aluminium components replaced with alternative materials
  • Advanced Hold and Retract function
  • Incorporates proven technology of Enerpac ZA4 pump which is ATEX 95 certified in use in potentially explosive atmospheres
  • High efficiency pump design, higher oil flow and bypass pressure
  • Two-speed operation reduces cycle times for improved productivity
  • Air-Hydraulic pump featuring reliable Enerpac componentry
  • Tensioning of cable bolts to 20 – 30 tonne with as little as 60 psi pit air pressure
  • Portable, with optional carry frame (roll cage)
  • Quality air filters and lubricator (optional)
  • Suitable for use with existing tensioner heads (6000 psi) or equipment
  • Pressure can be set in the 6000 – 10,000 psi range internally (tamperproof)
  • Up to 6 times faster than other air operated tensioning equipment
  • Tension mega bolts (8 metre) in 30- 60 seconds
  • Available in manual or pendant control (up to 6m pendant)
  • Multi purpose Intensifier Pump suitable for use with Enerpac attachments:  Bolt & cable cutters; Nut splitters; Hydraulic cylinders and jacks (subject to appropriate pressure adjustment)

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